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Please note the terms and conditions at the time of booking.


1. All suitable venues considered.

2. All events are subject to availability and minimum numbers will be determined individually for each event.

3. All Payments are due at the time of booking.

4. No spaces can be held provisionally. All bookings are transferable where possible and NON refundable except in certain circumstances and agreed by both the directors of Talking Point Events and Event Group UK.

5.Group booking discounts can only be redeemed when booked in one transaction.

6.Early bird discounted rates have to be booked and paid for prior to the stated date. If no date is stated 28days before hand all Early Bird bookings will cease.

7. In circumstances where events do not reach minimum numbers and cannot proceed for any reason at all, you will be notified 14 days in advance wherever possible. All booking fees will firstly be transferred to future events, however, if this is not suitable, funds will be returned less a 10% admin fee within 28 days, via the chosen payment at the time of booking.

8. Except in extreme weather or certain instances i.e. floods etc. Circumstances beyond our control. The notice may not be able to be adhered to and the company will transfer the payments to a future event and return as per the above policy.

9. Please notify as soon as possible if you have a suggested venue and subject to them being available we will make contact and confirm suitability.

10. In regards to events held at venues where you are required to be over 18 - 21 years old to enter, we will require your date of birth, full name and postal address to be able to register you in advance with the venue. You will be required to please bring along your proof of age photo identification. You will be issued with a form to complete in advance where possible.

11. Ticketed Events: we will require all tickets to be checked upon arrival via your smart phone or in printed format.

12. Dress Codes: All dress codes will be advised in advance.

13. Belongings & Valuables: We advise all of our delegates and guests that we do not take responsibility for your personal possessions and they are your responsibility at all times.

14. All access and health requirements are to be advised at the time of booking as we can not be responsible for accommodating the requirements if we are not advised immediately.

15. Dietary Requirements: Where food and drinks are provided all dietary requirements are to be advised at the time of booking. Otherwise the venue / caterers may not be able to accommodate. (We will of course endeavour to accommodate wherever possible).

16. Data Protection: we may contact you about future events held by Talking Point Events and Event Group UK, you are free to unsubscribe at any time. Please indicate if you do not wish to be contacted about future events at the time of booking.

17. Photography and video production: we do sometimes have marketing coverage of our events. If you wish for not to be in any photographs or any video footage used for marketing purposes please advise in advance. We cannot accept responsibility for other people taking photographs, however, if you notify a member of our staff we will request that they refrain. We cannot enforce this.

18. Conduct: The companies require all delegates and guests to behave in a respectful manner at all times to fellow members and staff at all times. No refunds or transfers of tickets or booking fees will be given should any of our guests be asked to leave an event due to their conduct. Any damages will need to be paid for by the individual and not by the company (Event Group UK and Talking Point Events). All damages will be invoiced directly from the venue / company to the individual.

19. Feedback and complaints procedure: All feedback is to be put in writing via email to Talking Point Events and Event Group UK. This will be replied to within 14 days following the event. No verbal negative feedback will be discussed at the event. Should an urgent matter need assistance then we accept being informed of anything at the time of the events, otherwise all feedback is to be given in the appropriate manner.

20. Early Bird bookings unless specified will save you 20% on bookings before and past 3 months.  28days prior to the event will save you 10% then all tickets are full price.


If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Event terms and conditions